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Young Composers Contest
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For more information, contact:
Dr. Travis Alford
100 Kensington Court  Clayton, NC  27527 
(252) 903-9417

NCMTA Young Composers Contest

Contest Eligibility
  • Students must study with a music teacher.
  • NCMTA Teachers must hold current membership with NCMTA.
  • Non-Member Teacher Fee is $50.00.
  • The teacher, the student or the place of instruction must be located in North Carolina.

Composition Manuscript
  • Each student may enter only one (1) composition. 
  • Each composition must be at least 16 measures in length, and should be the student's own original work (arrangements of existing music by other artists will NOT be accepted.)
  • The score should be clear, legible, and accurate, either written in the composer’s handwriting or produced with music engraving software (preferred) by the composer. A fully realized score is required.
  • The composition should be written for no more than 9 performers.
  • Measures should be numbered at the beginning of each system.
  • Score should be labeled with the student’s name and category (Elementary, Junior, Senior or Young Artist)
  • The teacher’s name should not appear on the manuscript.
  • Students are encouraged to design or illustrate a title page (with title and student’s name). 
  • Beginning this year, all scores should be submitted in PDF format (no hard copies accepted).

Entrant Information (Student’s Age as of January 1 of current year)
  • Elementary Fee (Ages 5-10) $20.00 Maximum time 3 minutes
  • Junior Fee (Ages 11-14) $25.00 Maximum time 3 minutes
  • Senior Fee (Ages 15-18) $30.00 Maximum time 5 minutes
  • Young Artist Fee (Ages 19-26) $35.00 Maximum time 7 minutes

Composition Submission
  • Students must enter a different piece from the MTNA Composition Competition.
  • All 1st place winners must progress to the next level.
  • Each score must be submitted as a single PDF, with file name as follows: lastname_category_title.pdf
  • An audio file (mp3) is required for each entry. "Live" recordings are preferred, but MIDI/electronic renderings are acceptable if no live recording is available.
  • No changes may be made after submitting the composition.
  • Score PDF, mp3 recording, and copy of completed Registration Form (emailed to you upon completion) should be attached to a SINGLE email, with subject line "NCMTA Young Composers Contest 2020," and sent to Dr. Travis Alford (composition chair) at
  • Deadline for submission of all materials (and registration) is August 10, 2020.

  • The compositions will be adjudicated by one judge.
  • The judge may determine winners: (1st Place, 2nd Place, 3rd Place, HM)

State Conference Composition Recital
  • The State Conference Composition Recital will host performances of the winning compositions. 
  • Memory is not required, but the performance must be well prepared.
  • Winners are responsible for providing performers for the recital.
  • Hard copies of all winning manuscripts will be requested for display during the recital. These should be retrieved at the close of the recital.