Southern Division Competitions


The students who will represent North Carolina and the Southern Division at the national competition in Chicago in March are as follows: 


  • Jr Piano - Benjamin Luo (teacher Florence Ko from RPTA)

  • Sr Brass - Monet Jowers (horn) (teacher Maria Serkin from UNCSA)

  • Sr WW - Addison Aycock (Sax) (teacher Ben Still from UNC CH and Lenoir Rhyne)

  • YA Piano - Molly Reid - (teacher Rodney Reynerson from Appalachian


  • Junior Composition – Hsiao-fei Ross (teacher Julie Harris)

In addition, there is one Honorable Mention in Senior Composition:

  • Senior Composition – Honorable Mention: Robert Furuya (teacher Julie Harris)

We just want to be sure that everyone knows how well NC will be represented on the national performance stage!  Congratulations to teachers, students and their families,

Jeanine Skinner, NCMTA President

Previous Winners

Chamber Music Strings: Alternate: Chancellor’s Quartet (Brooks Whitehouse)                                                  
            Lucia Kobza                  Violin

            Nicholas Wendl             Violin

            Peter Ayuso                  Viola

            Eli Kaylor                      Cello

Chamber Music Wind: HM: Trio Dionysus (Taimur Sullivan)
           Alastair Wright               Saxophone
           Dylan Ward                   Saxophone
           Juliana Witt                   Piano

Elementary Composition: HM: Kyler Chen (Julie Harris)

Junior Performance Woodwind: Winner: Hanbin Koo, Flute (Sunyoung Kim)          

Senior Performance Piano: HM: Timothy Jones (Eric Larsen)                   

Senior Performance Voice: Alternate: Shelby Cox, Mezzo-Soprano (Catherine Charlton)      

Senior Performance Woodwind: HM: Elizabeth Bowles, Flute (Sunyoung Kim)             

Young Artist Performance String: Alternate: Martha Gardner, Violin (Levon Ambartsumian)

Young Artist Performance Voice: Winner: Jeanette Luna, Mezzo-Soprano (Nancy Walker)


Elementary Composition, Kyler Chen (Tom Lohr)

Junior Woodwind, Hanbin Koo (Sunyoung Kim)



Chamber Music Strings: HM: The Eunea Trio (Eric Larsen) 

            Kaitlin Moreno, Violin

             Landon Rathburn, Alto/Sop Saxophone

            Annah Kim, Piano

Elementary Composition: Winner: Stephanie Wang (Julie Harris)

Senior Performance Brass: HM: Joseph Klinck, Horn (Nicholas Kenney)

Senior Performance Piano: Alternate: Daniel Liauw (Margaret Evans)

Senior Performance String: HM: Dustin Wilkes-Kim, Violin (Sarah Johnson)

Senior Performance Voice: Alternate: Aaron Overton, Bass (Catherine Charlton)

Senior Performance Woodwind: HM: Caleb Carpenter, Saxophone (Reese Manceaux)

Senior Piano Duet: Winner: Clara Gerdes, Hannah Wang (Paul Nitsch)

Young Artist Performance Brass: Alternate: Aaron Robinson, Tuba (Tom McCaslin)

Young Artist Performance Piano: HM: William Hueholt (Joseph Di Piazza)

Young Artist Performance String: HM: Cameron Collins, Cello (Emanuel Gruber)

Young Artist Performance Voice: Winner: Diana Yodzis, Mezzo-Soprano (Nancy Walker)